Advanced Encryption Standard

Power Crypt 1.0

No Image Power Crypt is an industrial strength file encryption program. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm, which is the most advanced and powerful encryption method used today. It`s endorsed by the U.S. government`s Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) It offers encryption ciphers of 128 bit and 256 bits. Your files are encrypted with ease using a password as the encryption key.

Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer 4.0.5: Encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/work with .ZIP from Windows context menu
Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer 4.0.5

encryption algorithms and also shred/make encrypted .exe files and work with .ZIP files from context menu of Windows Explorer! Encrypting files with using strong encryption algorithms: Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael), Blowfish, DES, CAST, RC2, Twofish, Diamond2, Mars, Gost, Tea, Safer and so on (17 algorithms). All algorithms are industrial encryption standards. Shredding (Safe removing files from your system). The shredded files will never

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Xceed Encryption Library 1.1

standard strong encryption algorithms. It supports traditional secret-key encryption as well as public-key encryption, and can encrypt/decrypt memory buffers, strings, blobs, streaming data or files. For traditional strong encryption, the library supports the newly adopted AES (US Advanced Encryption Standard) secret-key encryption algorithm (Rijndael), which uses 128, 192 or 256-bit keys. It also supports the Twofish encryption algorithm, a runner

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Strong File Encryption Decryption 1.0: Strong file folder encryption decryption windows utility.
Strong File Encryption Decryption 1.0

Encryption and Decryption utility is a Windows software that allows you easily and quickly to encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders on your computer using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms: AES (US Advanced Encryption Standard, secret-key encryption also known as Rijndael), Twofish (secret-key encryption), RSA (public-key encryption). Strong File Encryption Decryption software supports Compression and Decompression

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QuickCrypt Library 2.51: Fast, highly optimized implementation of 7 symmetric encryption algorithms.
QuickCrypt Library 2.51

encryption/decryption algorithms: DES, Triple DES (3DES), DESX, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL (AES - Advanced Encryption Standard), GOST (USSR/Russian Encryption Standard). It supports 5 modes of operation: ECB (Electronic Codebook), CBC (Cipher Block Chaining), CFB (Cipher Feedback), OFB (Output Feedback), CTR (Counter mode). The library allows to encrypt/decrypt files, memory blocks, strings, blobs, streaming data. It is quick, flexible, easy to use. It supports

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Encryption Shield 2.0.2: Encryption Shield enables you to encrypt and password protect any type of file.
Encryption Shield 2.0.2

Encryption Shield enables you to encrypt and password protect any type of file, including documents, images, videos etc. The program offers a choice of 4 encryption algorithms, Rijndael with 256 bit key (AES 256, now it is Advanced Encryption Standard), Blowfish, DES, 3DES,and converts the protected file into a decfile.

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iGo Incognito 1.2

iGo Incognito - Secure messaging, chat, open forums built on a public key infrastructure and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Only iGo Incognito provides end-to-end encryption of all communication - from your desktop to your friend`s. Supports rich text messages (color, fonts, styles), voice messages, text-to-speech, file transfer, offline and online messages, private chats, friend states, open forums and more. Registration is optional.

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